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SCC Member, Sacred Wind Communications, Letter to Congressman Ben Ray Lujan

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SCC – Tribal Letter to Representative Young

In a joint letter to the FCC, Tribal companies ASTAC, Sandwich Isles Communications, and SCC Members MATI and Sacred Wind have identified key problems with the Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking’s treatment of Tribal territories and the telcos that serve them. Many of the issues mentioned directly pertain to rural American telcos as well, such as a lack of predictability in regard to funding support. The Tribal Letter correctly asserts that “the rules violate the Communications Act of 1996, in that they do not provide Universal Service support funds that are ‘predictable and sufficient’ as required by Section 254(b)(5).”

Additionally, the Letter illuminates the dubious nature of the FCC’s proposed waiver process, which, by their own admission, will infrequently grant requested waivers. As the Letter rightfully states, a clear set of qualifications for prospective waiver applicants should be presented, rather than relying on the subjective and admittedly reluctant discretion of the FCC.

We fully support our Tribal colleagues in their endeavor, and have confidence in their success.

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